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Helen's Fan Mail

I love to hear from children. While I don't have time to write back to individuals (as much as I would like to) I always respond to a whole class when I get a wonderful packet of letters. Here are a few of my favorite funny quotes from their precious writing I'd like to share.

From Michigan

Dear Helen Lester,
I'm writing because our teacher told us to.”

From New York

Dear Helen Lester,
You are my second favorite author. “

From Indiana

Dear Hellen,
I am a fast learner. That brings me to my question. Can you hook me up with some publishers? My number is 867-0040.”

From Nebraska

Dear Helenlester,
My cat has a disease called ringworm. My whole family has it. Have you met my sister?”

From Colorado

Dear Helin,
I'll never be a writer. I find my special ability in aggressive skating.”

From New Jersey

Dear Mrs. Lester,
Thank you for coming to my school. They say that old people just sit, but I guess they are wrong. The next time I see an old boy or girl I will think of you.”

There you go!
My address is:
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