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I am writing this in January 2021. In 2020 children found new ways to learn, teachers found new ways to teach and parents found new ways to juggle. I'm so PROUD of you, but I know it's been really really really hard work. Many children have missed seeing their friends, teachers have missed the reason they teach (THEIR STUDENTS!) and parents have had to do what they do best - cope. I applaud all of you and have high hopes that with your continued help that in 2121 we'll see a return to normal. Hooray for friends and hugs!

As far as my news goes I'm very excited to introduce Mousetta, the star of Bravo Buckethead to be published by Simon and Schuster in Spring 2022. For more information see INTERVIEW WITH HELEN.

Have fun writing (I like to think there's no RIGHT in WRITING) and thanks for visiting my website!
Helen Lester