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School Visits

I think I must have the best job in the world. Each year I visit thirty to forty schools encouraging children to write. In my presentations I show my latest book from its early stages (post-its with wrong turns and a lot of crossing out) to the final product. Clearly the children can see that writing is a process, not always easy, and, as I like to put it, "Authors don't know what they're doing either". The important thing is to TRY. I also suggest some story starters and teach an all important "Flapwaddle Dance".

I'm happy with any grade Pre-K - 6 and tailor each program accordingly. As a former elementary school teacher I love being around schools and salute the dedicated librarians and teachers, as well as the earnest youngsters who are so far ahead of where I was at their age.

My helpful contact person is Anna Ravenelle Anna.Ravenelle@hmhco.com.


The following comments are from Metairie Park Country Day School in New Orleans, LA.

"We had children's author Helen Lester visit us on Thursday...The kids were amazed that her challenges were the same as theirs."

"The children loved her presentation, which included all of her wonderful information about writing, playing the ukelele, and clog dolls dancing to the tunes she played on the kazoo. We thank Mrs Lester for sharing her wisdom, talents, and sense of fun with us. We also thank our wonderful librarians for bringing us this special treat."

"When we returned to our classroom, we just had to change our plans for the day. First and second graders got into pairs and they are now writing their own animal stories akin to Helen Lester."

"As one child put it... "She was HILARIOUS!"